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How To Create a Stunning Feature Wall Using Wall Panels

How To Create a Stunning Feature Wall Using Wall Panels

More people are introducing a feature wall in their homes to add a much-needed injection of texture, contrast and color. While rooms painted in one color or decorated with wallpaper on all walls create a sense of unity, spaces can soon feel underwhelming or downright plain. A feature wall, on the other hand, adds energy and a clear focal point to spaces, making them feel more inviting.

The Doā€™s of Feature Walls

Creating a feature wall takes careful thought and preparation. Here are the doā€™s of feature walls:Ā Choose a narrow wallĀ Some believe that feature walls make rooms look larger, but this isnā€™t usually the case. However, when done correctly, they can make rooms feel a little squarer. The best way to make a room feel squarer (and inject some much-needed personality) is to choose a narrow wall to turn into a feature wall.

Choose a durable materialĀ If you want your feature wall to stay in excellent condition for many years to come, you need to ensure that you select a durable material. While many people will simply add a lick of colorful paint, some decide to go the extra mile. Wood wall paneling is the perfect way to create a feature wall. At the Wood Veneer Hub, we offer a wide selection of stylish and durable that will transform your space. We stock products created by several expert brands, including , KD Panels, PLAANKĀ® and TimberStik. Choose from a wide selection of colors, finishes, textures and patterns, including but not limited to contemporary oak, walnut, concrete gray, lack, midnight blue, slate gray, and juniper green wood wall panels.

Choose a timeless pattern

It might be tempting to choose a wacky paint color or wood wall paneling in a jazzy pattern, but these options are likely to go out of style quickly. Of course, choosing something ultra-trendy is fine if youā€™re willing to update the feature wall once it goes out of style. On the other hand, if you plan to keep your feature wall for several years, itā€™s best to choose a timeless pattern that will look great no matter how interior decor trends evolve.

At the Wood Veneer Hub, we stock a wide range of timeless wood panel styles, including acoustic wood strip paneling, reclaimed wood wall panels, 3D wall panels, multicolor stick wood wall panels, diamond decorative wall panels, and many more.

The Don'tsĀ of Feature Walls
Thereā€™s a right way to do a feature wall. So to make sure your feature wall looks good, itā€™s best to avoid these common mistakes:

Donā€™t pick a room or wall at random
It can be difficult to choose where you want a feature wall. Will it look best in the lounge, kitchen, home office or bedroom? Instead of picking a room at random, think carefully about which room would benefit the most from a feature wall. Installing paneling in a random room may make the room look strange, and it wonā€™t just be you who notices it. Visitors to your home, especially those interested in interior design, might think that the feature wall feels out of place. Instead of picking at random, add a feature wall to a room with striking architectural features that you want to draw attention to, such as a chimney breast or a large window.

Donā€™t use a small room
Choosing a small room for your feature wall might be counterintuitive, as you may end up making the room feel cramped or too busy. Feature walls work best in larger rooms, such as the living room and the master bedroom.

Final Thoughts
As weā€™ve established, there are many advantages to creating a feature wall in your home. A feature wall adds a focal point to your space and will give your home an effortlessly elegant feel. While some choose to create a feature wall with paint, creating a feature wall with wood panels is a great way to revitalize your space. At the Wood Veneer Hub, we stock a wide selection of timeless wood wall paneling in a range of colors, styles and finishes, which are perfect for a striking feature wall.

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