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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Free shipping on all products to continental USA!

We love everything about wood. From its unique appearance and the captivating way it grows to the many properties and uses that it offers, our passion for wood is as strong as our DNA.

A simple love of wood, an art of nature and a passion to work with like-minded designers.

At The Wood Veneer Hub, our adoration for wood knows no bounds. We are captivated by its unique appearance, the fascinating way it grows, and the versatile properties and uses it possesses. Our passion for wood is deeply ingrained in our British heritage and DNA.

With our roots firmly established over five decades ago in the United Kingdom, we have provided some of the world's most iconic brands with exceptional wood species. Our British origins have allowed us to perfect the art of woodcraft, and we now bring our expertise to the American market.

Throughout the years, our premium grade veneers have been favoured by prestigious names in the American automotive, marine, and aviation industries, as well as esteemed professionals in the USA's furniture and interior design sectors.

Harnessing our extensive knowledge of wood, we ventured into crafting a range of top-quality wall paneling that garnered immense success within Europe. With a soaring demand in America, The Wood Veneer Hub USA was established to cater to this growing market.

Our feature slat panel products have gained immense popularity in both domestic and commercial markets, as they can be seamlessly used on walls and ceilings alike. After receiving numerous requests to supply and ship our wooden slat paneling to the United States, and with our well-established networks and ongoing trade of wood veneer in the USA, we are thrilled to introduce our product range to the American market.

Now, with our own warehouse situated in Phoenix, Arizona, our plan is for The Wood Veneer Hub to flourish into a wall panel market leader. By continuing to expand our reach and offer exceptional wall paneling solutions, we aim to solidify our presence in the industry and become the go-to choice for discerning customers seeking high-quality, British-designed wood products.

Since the mid-seventies we have worked tirelessly to bring the world's woods to connoisseurs alike.