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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Spice up your bedroom this summer with wood wall paneling!

Spice up your bedroom this summer with wood wall paneling!

If your bedroom has seen better days and is in need of a makeover, you’re in the right place!

Perhaps it’s a room that’s in desperate need of updating, maybe you’ve recently moved and you simply can’t hack that once fashionable ‘everything matches’ floral colour scheme or the dado height border!

Maybe the walls themselves are in a bad way and no amount of fine surface filler is going to make them look fit for decorating?

If any of these sound familiar to the current state of your bedroom, it’s time to take action!

Natural Walnut Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels - Bedroom

Bedrooms inherently used to be decorated in any shade of beige, the theory of which was that by having a neutral interior colour scheme in the bedroom ensured a calming environment to relax in, thus resulting in a good nights sleep!

This theory behind having a neutral colour palette in a bedroom is definitely true, but all too often choosing an off-white or beige bedroom can look cold and drab, and even a bit clinical, especially if you’re a lover of crisp white bedlinen.

Acupanel Natural Walnut Acoustic Wood Wall Panels - Bedroom

Soft furnishing and accessories will certainly soften the overall feel of a bedroom, adding both texture and tone on tone accents, but fundamentally it’s the walls in your bedroom that will need spicing up!

Wooden wall paneling is a great alternative to conventionally painting the walls.

As well as being beautiful and tactile, it’s a material that’s warm to the touch, and no matter how many try to mimic the appearance of real timber, the charm of wood is definitely its grain!

Acupanel Contemporary Walnut Wall Panels - Bedroom

Slatpanel is one of our most popular wooden wall paneling ranges. As well as being visually eye-catching, it’s an incredibly versatile product that’s suitable for both walls and ceilings alike!

Acupanel Contemporary Concrete Grey Acoustic Wall Panels

Coupled with its universal appeal, Slatpanel is available with or without acoustic soundproofing properties. This optional choice means that you can now clad your walls in a fashionable way, whilst reducing noise transmissions, even adding some thermal insulative qualities too!

Acupanel Natural Smoked Oak Acoustic Wood Panel - Bedroom

Each Slatpanel section, regardless of whether you opt for the acoustic backing or not, is made from a series of wood wall panelling strips. These can then be easily cut to create feature full height panels, shaped to accommodate a sloping ceiling, fitted behind the bed and then across the ceiling, or used to create a bespoke feature headboard.

Acupanel Rustic Grey Acoustic Wood Wall Panels - Bedroom

Equally attractive and also supplied in sheet format is Lusso.

Smoked Oak Wood Veneer Wall Panels - Bedroom


This wood veneer paneling range is perfect for cabinetry and wardrobes, creating a book-matched’ finish across units and drawer fronts, that is both study and stable and unlikely to warp over time.

Lusso Grey Oak Crown Wood Veneer Wall Panels - Bedroom

Whilst less obvious with Lusso and purely down to personal preference, deciding on which way to fit Slatpanel can affect the perception of the size of the room. A narrow bedroom can appear wider if the panels are fitted horizontally and likewise, a bedroom with a low ceiling will appear taller if the planks are installed vertically!

Acupanel Bronze Acoustic Wood Wall Panels - Bedroom

Spice up your bedroom this summer with wood wall paneling – you won’t be disappointed!

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