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Wood Wall Paneling Bedroom Ideas

Wood Wall Paneling Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is one of the only rooms in your home that is your personal space – a place to relax and unwind in, or retreat to when you need some time to yourself.

The primary function of a bedroom is of course as a place to sleep in! Getting a good nights’ sleep is thought to be fundamental in the functionality of a persons’ wellbeing. A shortage of good quality sleep causes tiredness, which in turn can result in a lack of concentration, lower immunity and even a suppressed appetite.

Whilst many people will assume that a comfortable mattress and nice bedlinen is key to a good nights’ sleep, choosing the right interior colour scheme for your bedroom can also affect your quality of sleep!

There’s certainly a lot of bedroom ideas to explore, and the internet is the ideal place to start. From sources such as Pinterest and Houzz, to online interior specialists, there’s a huge amount of inspiration right at your fingertips!

Contrary to popular belief, a neutral bedroom doesn’t always make for a good nights’ sleep! Likewise, a bedroom in a bright colour such as red is thought to increase heart rate, and as such is likely to have the opposite of being a calming space.

Fundamentally, a bedroom should be warm, inviting and free from clutter, with minimum external noise levels, so that you start to relax from the moment you step foot in your bedroom.


Fitting wood wall paneling or cork panels in a bedroom might not seem the most obvious choice for a wallcovering, but unlike paint or wallpaper, certain wooden wall paneling ranges offers insulative properties. Fabulous to look at, some also offer superior sound absorption, as well as retaining heat, making them a very attractive proposition for the interior walls of a bedroom. 

Slatpanel from The Wood Veneer Hub is one such wall paneling range! Offering great looks coupled with acoustic properties, it’s so much more than just a wall panel! Its visual appeal is largely down to its distinct surface. Offered in both ‘rustic’ and ‘contemporary’ finishes, each surface is available in a selection of wood veneer strips, which are in turn backed in a unique felt like material. The backing material is responsible for providing the superior sound absorption properties, whilst also adding to the overall appeal.

Slatpanel can be used in all manner of ways, as fully clad walls, part clad walls and even in sections to create a dramatic feature headboard.

If fitted over an entire wall, Slatpanel creates a fabulous focal point in a room.

It can be used to clad the inside of external walls providing added insulation, perfect for a loft conversion bedroom that might be susceptible to the elements!

It’s also a great product to use on a party wall between adjacent properties, to reduce sounds levels from noisy neighbors!

Slatpanel will also help to alleviate sound travelling from an adjacent bathroom or childrens’ bedroom, making it a truly flexible wallcovering solution for any bedroom.

Equally stylish is to simply use a feature panel of Slatpanel. Positioned directly behind the headboard, it leads the eye to the bed, whilst adding to the juxtaposition of textures and soft furnishings.

If the panel is to be purely a feature on the wall, it can be cited almost anywhere.

Offset behind the bedhead to add visual interest, Slatpanel in Concrete adds to overall ambiance in this alluring, predominantly grey bedroom.

Being supplied in planks, Slatpanel is simple to cut too! A couple of panels, fixed to a low-level wall or boxed section, are sure to create a bedhead that’ll look like it’s been bought from an iconic, design led furniture store!

But its uses aren’t limited to walls. In fact, Slatpanel can be used on ceilings too, often with very dramatic effects. So, if your home is an apartment or flat, and you struggle with sound pollution from the property above, consider cladding your bedroom ceiling with it for a more peaceful nights’ sleep!

We love to see how our customers have used their a bedroom wood wall paneling, so if you’ve recently had some installed in your bedroom, we’d be delighted to hear from you!
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