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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Add warmth to your walls this Fall with wood paneling

Add warmth to your walls this Fall with wood paneling

Usually, at this time of the year, when the nights draw in and the weather turns chillier, many of us choose to ‘hibernate’ in our homes. However, given the certain circumstances that we all find ourselves in, whether you are in a local lockdown or not, our homes are currently giving us a ‘much needed’ sanctuary of safety!

Usually home improvement is the last thing on peoples’ minds during the summer months, but 2020 has been an exception! So, it’s hardly surprising that over the past few months, many of us have updated at least one room in our homes, with even the least likely DIYers deciding to have a go! Even if you haven’t been actively updating your home during these past few months, as winter approaches, our thoughts turn to all those necessary home improvement jobs that we’ve either been putting off, or simply haven’t got round to doing!

Just as fashions change in line with the seasons, so too does our choice of interior schemes. Subconsciously and without realizing, when you embark on an interior project, your choice of color scheme tends to be influenced by the season in which you start to plan, making autumn is a truly wonderful time to begin!

Primarily inspired by nature, Fall features a wealth of colors, that seamlessly co-ordinates so well together.

From rich, woody hues such as chestnut brown and walnut, and warm mid-toned shades such as oak, to inviting ochre and burnt orange, a palette influenced by Fall is sure to look amazing.

Much like the variety of the palette itself, the choice of wall panels available at The Wood Veneer Hub and inspired by an autumnal palette is diverse.

Choose from our fabulous range of Muratto® cork wallcoverings, offered in a selection of tile designs, in earthy colors such as Moka, Natural and Cappuccino, or in bright and colorful options including Copper and Yellow for the more abstract designed options.

Equally as dynamic in appearance, Slatpanel wood paneling uses wood veneer in both contemporary and rustic finishes, in a wide range of wood tones.

It’s sure to add warmth too, thanks to its unique backing that offers insulative sound and heat properties.

Whether you’re looking to create an interior space that’s warm and cozy, or indeed insulate a wall or room in your house, wooden wall paneling is a fabulous addition to your home!

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