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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Your wish list this Christmas might have just got bigger!

Your wish list this Christmas might have just got bigger!

This year our spending habits have changed dramatically, both during 2020 and this Christmas period! 

What we bought in 2019 is totally different to our 2020 purchases. Party shoes, going out outfits and office attire have made way for loungewear, comfortable footwear and dare we slippers! ‘Staying in’ is the new ‘going out’, and the rooms in our homes that we never saw as neglected, are now in need of a makeover!

Our homes have been one of the only places that many of us have felt safe in. We have certainly all spent much more time in our homes this year, and as such, there has been a huge surge in demand for home improvements during 2020. 

Even if you did manage to update or redecorate a room in your house during 2020, the chances are that now you’ve started, other rooms are noticeably in need of some TLC!

Here at The Wood Veneer Hub, we don’t just specialize in real timber veneers. In fact, along with being one of the US’s leading suppliers of wood wall paneling, we are also justifiably recognized as being one of the US’s leading suppliers of wooden wall paneling.

It’s a product that’s suitable and equally is sure to look fabulous in almost every room in your home!

Hallway inspiration…

It’s a room that sees a lot of traffic, so choosing a wallcovering that’s hardwearing is always a good idea in a hallway!

The living room…

As one of the most used rooms in your home, a living room should be warm and inviting, making the correct choice of wallcovering imperative!

On-trend Slatpanel not only looks amazing, but thanks to its acoustic properties, it offers sound insulation too. 

Acupanel Natural Grey Oak Acoustic Wood Wall Panel - Office

The dining room…

For some people, their dining room is used on a near daily basis, whereas others will choose to use it only for dinner parties, special occasions and at Christmas!

However much time you currently spend in your dining room, with a feature wall in Slatpanel, you’re sure to want to use it a whole lot more!

Kitchen ideas…

As good hygiene is essential in a kitchen, you may prefer to have easy to clean tiling on the walls?

That doesn’t have to mean that a kitchen can’t have a wooden paneling feature, even if it is on the central island unit!

A good nights’ sleep!

Especially ideal in a bedroom used by a light sleeper, Slatpanel can be both utilized to create a feature headboard behind the bed, or used to soundproof an entire wall.

It might sound like a cliché, but its possibilities really are endless!

Bathroom bliss…

Perfect for a feature wall that isn’t in direct contact with water, Slatpanel adds its own unique style to any bathroom!

With so many fabulous uses for wooden wall paneling, if you’re struggling to know what to ask Santa for this Christmas, you might just want to add it to your wish list!
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