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How to use Wooden Wall Panels to Transform Offices and Boardrooms

How to use Wooden Wall Panels to Transform Offices and Boardrooms

Over the past few months, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life and indeed a new way of working. Many office-based staff have suddenly found themselves working from home, relocating what was their office desk at their work premises to a spare table or breakfast bar in their kitchen.

Whilst some have struggled to adapt, often more mentally than physically, others have embraced this new way of working with open arms.

Obviously, anyone with a home office or who was already home-based was likely to have a dedicated space to work from. But during the lockdown, this space may have been ‘invaded’ by others and may continue in this scenario too into the foreseeable future, as many people are preferring to work from their home if their employer agrees. 

Equally, for employers that are bringing back their workforce into an office space that now needs to accommodate for social distancing, the chances are that there will need to be some sort of partitioning, or adaptation of adjacent rooms.

Either way, at some point in the not too distant future these dedicated new office areas are likely to be in need of some decoration in terms of their interior space. And, whilst a temporary partition wall or a quick lick of paint might seem like the quickest solution, it’s by no means the best, longer-term solution!

Choosing the right design for your office space should be a considered one, regardless of whether that’s a dedicated room at home or within a company’s premises.

If your office is based at your house, then it should complement the rest of your home’s décor. Likewise, offices based within business premises should flow from space to space and take into account the nature of the company’s services or products.

For instance, an architect’s offices aren’t going to ‘cut the mustard’ with an interior that’s anything but ‘stunning’! First impressions count and prospective clients need to be wowed.

An office wall cladding that’s sure to leave an impression is Muratto®.

One of the latest product ranges to be added to The Wood Veneer Hub’s range of wall panels, Muratto® explores the world of surface design with awe-inspiring results. Using cork as the basis for each fabulous tile, the Beehive’s impressive collection of eye-catching color's is achieved by mixing colored pigments and natural resins with the cork itself to create 3D forms.

A wallcovering in an architects’ firm should be as design-led as the practice itself, leaving a memorable and even iconic impression on visitors and staff alike. 

In much the same way, an accountancy firm or solicitors must look professional, with an office design that is both welcoming and ‘polished’. It must portray the message of ‘best practice’ yet with an approachable feel. After all, a client may have to divulge or share sensitive information? Therefore, due to the confidential nature of certain discussions, a wallcovering such as wooden wall paneling with the added benefit of acoustic insulation may prove prudent.

In fact, if noise levels are a distraction, regardless of the nature of the company, Slatpanel would seem the best choice!

With engineered lines, wooden Slatpanel portrays a stylish, yet orderly feel to a walls’ surface and has the added benefit of offering acoustic insulation, which will only help to soundproof an office space or boardroom. Each wall cladding panel is a fixed width, made up of many individual thin strips, which is then fixed to a felt-like backing. It’s this backing, made from recycled plastic bottles, that offers the sound insulative properties.

In much the same way, Slatpanel would be the perfect wooden wallcovering in office spaces where there is a booth style set up and hot desks! Obviously this type of working would be currently classed as a high risk, and subject to religious cleaning, but if you’re looking for ideas for future office design, the possibilities of Slatpanel really are endless!


Equally as contemporary, and offered in a spectrum of colors is Undertone, also from the new Muratto® portfolio of products. It’s the perfect wall cladding for any modern office design, and also offers acoustic absorption, dissipating sound waves through its rounded surface design and numerous sequential holes.

Choose a single colorway or a combination of the Undertone colors to tie in with your company’s corporate branding.

If you’re after cladding an office wall partition, where great looks are the main priority, Infinity Strips are sure to turn heads! Each oversized tile, with linear surface detailing, can be used both horizontally and vertically for a wall that’s sure to be impressive.

Alternatively, go all out with Chock and create a feature wall like no other! Each tile comprises four squares, positioned on different planes to offer a unique, multifaceted surface design. Choose a single colorway for visual impact or dare to be different and take inspiration from a great artist such as Mondrian, perfect for any businesses boardroom in the arts sector!

Wall cladding combinations such as these are not for the faint-hearted! Choosing a wooden wall paneling for your home office will need to consider both the rest of the décor and if the room has to be used for other purposes too!

TimberStik is a quick and easy way to transform office space. Each wooden panel is supplied with a pre-applied adhesive strip, which is simply removed prior to presenting up to the walls’ surface. More subtle in its overall appearance, it’s a finish that’s sure to stand the test of time. And, as it looks fabulous in a multitude of interior spaces, even if your home office space is purely a short term fix, your new office wall cladding can stay, whatever the future purpose of the room!

Specialists in luxurious, practical and contemporary cork and wooden wall paneling, let The Wood Veneer Hub inspire your next office or boardroom interior.

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