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Creative bedroom and bathroom ideas using Slatpanel

One of our latest and most popular wooden wall paneling collections is Slatpanel.

Visually stunning, it’s easy to see why Slatpanel has become so well-liked.

Its versatility has a lot to do with Slatpanel's popularity, as it can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. Each wood panel is 2400mm long, the optimum length to accommodate the majority of British ceiling heights with no joins. Coupled with its unique felt like backing material, made from discarded plastic bottles, which offers acoustic insulative properties, it’s become the must have choice for many homeowners and is frequently specified by architects and Interior Designers for both commercial and domestic installations.

The universal appeal of Slatpanel has meant that it is frequently used in lounges, living rooms and dining rooms along with office interiors and reception areas. But its usage need not be limited solely to these spaces!

In fact, because each wooden panel is made from a series of much thinner strips, juxtaposed next to each other, it’s super easy to make the panel narrower.

Many people are getting very creative with Slatpanel.

Some are using it in place of a headboard behind their bed, which can either be fixed directly onto the wall or used to clad a timber backing, ideal if your property is rented and your landlord doesn’t allow you to fix things directly to the walls.

Fitted landscape, it’s sure to make both the bed and the overall width of your room seem wider.

Alternatively, in much the same way as vertically striped clothes make the wearer appear taller in height, so too does Slatpanel in a room where it has been fitted vertically.

If part of the room is adjacent to a child’s bedroom or busy bathroom, consider cladding just a section of wall? Thanks to its acoustic properties, Slatpanel will dampen down the noise levels, whilst looking contemporary and very stylish.

This theory will work equally as well in an open plan bedroom and ensuite, where Slatpanel can be used to clad a partition or privacy wall divider.

Whilst Slatpanel isn’t impervious to water, it can retrospectively be treated with a moisture resistant treatment, making it suitable for use as a feature panel behind a basin, echoing the tiled panel behind the adjacent bath.

If you’d prefer to simply fix Slatpanel to your bathroom or ensuite walls, then it can look stunning if used in conjunction with a water resistant worksurface and upstand such as one made from Corian®, marble or granite.

Order your Slatpanel samples today from The Wood Veneer Hub and let your imagination run wild!

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