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12 Inspiring Examples of Wooden Wall Paneling at Home

12 Inspiring Examples of Wooden Wall Paneling at Home

Once the iconic wall covering of the 70ā€™s, wooden wall paneling is the must-have wallcovering for any interior space.

Loved by homeowners as the fashionable alternative to painting and wallpaper, itā€™s also considered the must-have trendy wallcovering for any commercial or domestic property, whether a period or new build premises by many interior designers and architects.

Sometimes referred to as wood cladding, which can conjure up images of irregular widths of pine crudely nailed to a wall, specialist suppliers of wooden wall panels such as The Wood Veneer Hub offer sophisticated and inspiring wallcovering treatments.

Along with our inspirational gallery of images, thereā€™s nothing better than seeing wall paneling used in real homes or interior spaces. As well as looking fabulous, wood wall paneling can be used in virtually every interior in your home! Unlike tiles or wet room wall cladding, as long as the panels arenā€™t likely to be in direct contact with water, wooden wall paneling can grace every room!

Is wooden wall paneling a good alternative wallcovering in a home?

Not only do wooden wall panels add charm to any interior space, but they also hide a wallsā€™ imperfections beautifully. Unlike paint or wallpaper, there is no need to fill hairline cracks prior to fitting or lining paper the walls, making it really easy for even a competent DIYer to fit. So as long as the wall is relatively sound, wooden wall paneling can be installed once the panels themselves have been left to acclimatize in the room in which they are to be fitted.

Better still, each plank has been responsibly harvested from reclaimed wood, which is then meticulously machined to ensure uniformity of size. So, whilst purchasing from the likes of a reclamation yard might seem like the ā€˜greenerā€™ option, in reality, it isnā€™t! Along with an inordinate amount of time to prepare and sand each plank, thereā€™s sure to be wastage and worst still woodworm, adding unnecessary expense in terms of time alone!

The density of wood means that each paneled wall will have some thermal insulation, meaning that heat will be retained during colder months and repelled in hotter weather. These insulative properties donā€™t just stop at the heat! For instance, Slatpanel is not only extremely stylish in appearance but offers acoustic properties too, making it the perfect wall cladding solution whilst reducing sound levels.

From interior spaces where there is a greater footfall, such as hallways and frequently used living rooms, to compact spaces such as cloakrooms and downstairs toilets, wooden wall paneling really enhances a home.

Letā€™s start with the smallest room in your home!

Often overlooked, whilst it may be little, the cloakroom deserves the same love and attention as any room your home. Itā€™s likely to be the one room that your guests will use, so why not make it look really smart? Slatpanel in Walnut was used on a single wall behind this basin and toilet, and an additional moisture-resistant finish was applied to repel any water splashes.

Make your cloakroom the talking point at your dinner parties with Slatpanel wood wall paneling.

Create a distinguished hallway

In many homes, a hallway is the first thing that greets both you and your guests. Itā€™s also a room that may experience high volumes of traffic, so is liable to wear and tear. Cladding your hallway with Slatpanel will not only add fabulous visual interest - it will ensure that it looks as good in years to come as the day it was fitted!

Noisy next-door neighbors?

Noise pollution can be an issue, especially in older semi-detached or terraced properties. Hearing every conversation or footstep is sure to drive you mad, and finding a solution is not always easy! Slatpanel not only looks great but has the optional added benefit of acoustic absorption, making it the must-have soundproofing choice.

Living rooms and living spaces with the wow factor!

One of the many things that makes Slatpanel so fabulous is its versatility. It looks amazing covering an entire wall but equally as stunning if used as a feature panel.

Transform a tired and neglected chimney breast simply and quickly with wooden wall paneling. In this room, rather than having yet more horizontal lines, the wooden wall panels were fitted vertically to complement the open shelving, creating an interior full of interesting features and style.

Achieving a cohesive feel in an open plan home can prove tricky, where the ā€˜separateā€™ rooms change purpose, yet the overall scheme doesnā€™t. This homeowner used Slatpanel as a feature panel to co-ordinate their living and kitchen/dining areas together, creating a seamless feel between the two functional spaces.

TV rooms that have been transformed

Everyone loves a ā€˜super-sizedā€™ TV yet all too often it can overtake a room and become the focal point due to its size and not its looks!

A feature panel or entire wall of a contrasting surface such as wooden wall paneling will frame the TV, giving it a grounded feel and allow it to ā€˜blendā€™ into the overall space.

Alternately if youā€™re looking to create a TV wall thatā€™s a bit different, try offsetting the feature panel? Itā€™s a great way of adding another dimension to your room, especially if your TV is already on a framed feature mount.

A wall with hidden depth!

Showcasing the very best in imaginative design, Slatpanel has been used to create a seamless wall with concealed storage compartments. Each panel supplied is made up using individual strips, which allows the panels to be easily cut to the desired width and height, customizable to the homeownersā€™ requirements.

Create art in your homeā€¦

A utility room need not be boring and simply practical with Slatpanel. In fact, this homeowner really went to town with dark grey painted walls and their angular installation of it, choosing to offset a section against a more conventional straight panel!

Customize with wall tilingā€¦

Whilst wood wall paneling is susceptible to water, a splash back feature panel set within tiles is a great way of using it in a bathroom. Here the homeowner has created a tiled feature panel behind the bath and used similar proportions for behind the basin too, to ensure that the design remains uniform.

Think outside the box!

Wooden wall paneling need not be limited to just walls - it can look really stylish when used in minimal amounts or creative ways too!

These superb examples of Slatpanel being fitted horizontally on both a kitchen island unit and bedhead are both great ways of illustrating less at times is definitely more!

With an extensive range of wooden wall paneling, often available for next day delivery, be sure to check our portfolio of products on our website.

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