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Monochromatic ideas for interior spaces…

Monochromatic ideas for interior spaces…

The use of monochrome in interiors has always been a firm favorite!

Monochrome interior design includes the use of black, white and grey shades, or the use of one color in a variety of lighter and darker tones, a misconception by many who assume monochrome only refers to black and white!

A monochromatic interior, regardless of whether it features a color or is predominantly black and white can look very chic.

Frequently, the success of these interior spaces is largely due to the juxtaposition of the textures and elements within the overall scheme, adding both visual interest and depth of color.

From the way in which fabrics such as velvet and linen differ in appearance, to the effect that natural and artificial lighting has on a walls’ surface, successful interior design relies heavily on an abundance of different tactile surfaces, whatever the color scheme!

Introducing wooden elements into an overall interior scheme is a great way of adding texture.

Not only beautiful to look at, thanks to nature, every piece of wood is as unique as the next! Each knot and grain simply adds to the charming appearance of wood, making wood wall paneling a fabulous textural surface!

Decadent Grey from our Reclaimed range illustrates just how alluring wood can be!

Its smoked grey shades are softened by earthy neutrals, revealing the characteristic distressed and rustic surface, associated with all our Reclaimed finishes.

From the same tonal palette, Pewter Grey from our TimberStik collection is a quick and easy way to transform a room in your home.

Each wooden plank is supplied with a pre-applied adhesive strip backing, which is simply peeled away prior to presenting up to the wall. In fact, depending on the size of the walls’ surface area, TimberStik will dramatically change a wall’s appearance in a matter of hours!

If you’re after a more intense shade of grey, there’s Graphite!

Also from our TimberStik range, this wooden wall paneling fixes to the wall in record time! It’s the perfect finish if offset by an equally striking piece of furniture, offering subtle highlights in certain areas of the woodgrain’s surface.

Whilst suitable as a wallcovering, Black Ash from our CubeFlex range is actually a veneer!

Being fully flexible, each sheet contains resin making it highly durable, whilst retaining its woodgrain appearance. As well as being suitable for flat surfaces, CubeFlex will easily contour around curves, allowing almost any piece of furniture to be updated or restored using it!

Totally different, yet nevertheless a veneer is Luméa shell veneer.

This exquisite collection of shell veneers is supplied in sheet format and can be used as a decorative inlay, feature edging, or to cover an entire walls’ surface.

Whilst finishes like White Mother of Pearl Natural Galaxy might initially seems best suited to a traditional or classic interior, when used as an accent to back an irregular geometric medley of shapes, the effect can be visually stunning!

But, if you’re after an undeniably true black and white interior, Slatpanel in Black is certain to not disappoint.

Oozing with style, each Slatpanel plank consists of a series of smaller Lamella strips, attached to a felt like backing.

It’s this backing material, made from recycled plastic bottles that enables Slatpanel to offer superior sound absorption in conjunction with its stunning looks!

And, like so many of our ranges, Slatpanel is easy and quick to install, allowing you to create your monochromatic interior space in a matter of days!

Whatever your preferred color scheme, look no further than for your interior inspiration.

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