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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Achieve a stunning paneled wall using Slatpanel® in five simple steps

Achieve a stunning paneled wall using Slatpanel® in five simple steps

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, the majority of us will have almost certainly painted a wall or room, while some will have even experienced wallpapering. Paint is the choice of so many as you really can’t go wrong, whereas with wallpapering there is definitely a skill level required!

Wood wall paneling offers an alternative to them both… Having seen a huge resurgence in popularity since the 70’s, when it first entered the world of interiors, the chances are that most of us have never tried fitting wooden wall paneling, and that’s if you’ve heard of it!

Human nature often prevents us from trying something new, as the unknown can scare us. So, rather than trying something different that takes us out of our comfort zone, we tend to stick with the tried and tested route instead!

Whilst it might be the thought of fitting of the panels that’s the issue, it could also be not knowing which range or finish to choose, or how to measure for the quantity that your room requires.

Choosing the right product range

Slatpanel® is by far The Wood Veneer Hub’s most popular range, in essence due to its fabulous, stylish looks.

Initially launched with acoustic properties too, it soon became apparent that not everyone needed to benefit from this soundproofing quality and as such, Slatpanel® is now also available without acoustics.

Along with an extensive selection of contemporary and rustic wood finishes, the range now comprises colored finishes, real stone finishes, an eye catching chevron and even Slat-Lite™, featuring a flexible backing which can contour around curves.

So, whether you’re after a bright and colorful wall, or a subtle, dark, or warm wood shade, our sampling service will allow you to see how the paneling looks in your home, before you commit to a purchase.

Where to put it!

Whilst most people tend to choose to clad a wall or room, or even a ceiling with wooden panels, it’s also possible to simply clad a section of a wall in Slatpanel®. Fitting it in this way works on the ‘less is more’ theory and it certainly delivers in terms of stylish looks!

From back lit widths in unassuming corners, to feature TV backdrop walls, the permutations of Slatpanel® are endless.

Measure the walls

Once you know where you would like to install Slatpanel®, you will need to work out the surface area.

All Slatpanel® finishes are available in 94.48" lengths, with the most popular finishes also being available in a 118.11" length, ideal for taller room heights.

It’s always best to allow a little extra for cuts too, rather than run out half way through fitting!

Calculating the panel quantity required

Each Slatpanel® piece is 23.62" wide, so it’s easy to calculate just how many panels you need. They can be easily cut on site to the width required, making it a relatively simple task to fit Slatpanel® ‘wall-to-wall’.

Prepare the walls

Unlike conventional decorating, wooden wall paneling does not require the walls’ surface to be near perfect. In fact, wall paneling will disguise even the most uneven surfaces. As long as the wall is sound, and any obvious cracks and holes are filled, there’s no need to sand it back to a plaster smooth finish.

It really is that simple to fit Slatpanel®, and with our ‘how to install’ video too, your walls or ceilings can be transformed in a matter of hours!

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