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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Slatpanel wooden wall paneling leads the way!

Slatpanel wooden wall paneling leads the way!

Inspired by 70’s wallcoverings, wooden wall paneling has seen a huge revival in popularity in recent years.

It's one of the latest trends to hit the interiors industry, with its retro appeal!

It has seen many rooms transformed, from unimaginative walls into stylish spaces that even an interior designer would be proud of!

Wooden wall paneling offers a fabulous and fashionable alternative to paint or wallpaper, whilst adding a tactile element to the surface of the wall.

But with Slatpanel wooden wall paneling, the benefits extend way beyond its contemporary looks!

Stunning to look at, the beauty of Slatpanel comes to life with naturally occurring woodgrain patterns and knots, making each individual wood panel unique in appearance, and offering so much more than just its fabulous appearance.

At first glance, each 20mm wide strip appears to be adhered onto a plain black backing, but it’s this backing material that makes Slatpanel doubly unique!

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this backing has the appearance and feel of felted material, and it’s this backing that has the insulative properties.

Slatpanel will retain heat within a room, or restrict heat entering the room on warmer days. However, its primary function is its acoustic one!

In essence, Slatpanel offers superior sound absorption, making it an ideal wall or ceiling covering choice for anyone looking to reduce noise levels, either between rooms or floors, or indeed where external noise is an issue.

Supplied ready backed in planks, Slatpanel is quick and easy to install and can be used on both walls and ceilings alike.

Alternatively, Slatpanel is available as individual slats.

Supplied with the same acoustic felt backing, you can be totally creative with the way in which you choose to apply them, allowing you to customize the wall color behind each strip, if you so wish.

With five woodgrain textures, each completely different in appearance, along with concrete, the latest on-trend Slatpanel addition to the portfolio, whether you simply want to transform and create a feature wall in your home, or stop noise traveling between rooms, look no further than decorative and super stylish Slatpanel!

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