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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Why choose Slatpanel wooden wall paneling?

Why choose Slatpanel wooden wall paneling?

In recent years, wooden wall paneling has seen a huge surge in popularity.

What was once an alternative wallcovering, donning the walls of many houses in the 70s, is now considered one of the must-have fashion accessories for your home!

Slatpanel is just one of our newest wooden wall paneling ranges, offering unrivalled stylish looks!

“But what makes Slatpanel different from the other products that you offer?” is a question often asked of us at The Wood Veneer Hub.

It’s an easy one to answer, as the properties of Slatpanel go hand in hand with its stunning appearance.

According to Larry Laslo, an American Interior Designer based in Florida “exquisite details make interiors sing” and we couldn’t agree more! Slatpanel is simply stunning to look at thanks to its pared-back simplicity.

Supplied in fixed sized panels, each features a series of narrow wood wall paneling planks, only 2cm wide. The individual Lamella strips have a rustic appearance with characteristic, yet discrete, cracks and knots. These strips are then juxtaposed next to each other, making them truly eye-catching to look at.

Of equal importance to the looks of Slatpanel are it’s acoustic properties.

There is nothing more annoying than noise pollution, and especially a repetitive sound! It doesn’t have to be overly noisy to get on your nerves. In fact, a constant low level rumbling such as footsteps or voices in an adjacent property can be equally as frustrating as loud music from time to time!

Apart from moving home, which is a somewhat drastic yet necessary measure, Slatpanel could be the solution you’ve been looking for?

Coupled with its great looks, Slatpanel offers effective and efficient sound absorption, in conjunction with lowering noise reverberation – what more could you ask of a wooden wall paneling?

Surprisingly it doesn’t stop there!

As well as the wood being responsibly sourced from sustainable forestry, its acoustic backing is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s helping to save the oceans from yet more waste as well as the planet.

So, for a fabulous wallcovering solution that’s kind to the planet too, look no further than Slatpanel wooden wall paneling.

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