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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Interior ideas inspired by Autumn…

Interior ideas inspired by Autumn…

At The Hub we love everything about wood, from the way it grows to the way it cuts. It’s just one of the many awe inspiring creations of nature, being both beautiful and unique at the same time.

The growth of every knot and the grain is directly affected by the elements and seasons. And whilst Spring sees the rejuvenation of the trees from the cold Winter months, Autumn see this growth changing, in an almost hibernated state, in preparation for the low temperatures ahead.

For Interior Designers, the most influential season in terms of color inspiration is undeniably Autumn!

From the fabulous, rich shades of browns and russet as the leaves turn, to the amazing sunrises and sunsets, illuminating the skies with an array of reds and ochers, Autumn really is a bounty of color.

Even when the skies aren’t blue, the diversity of the many light and dark, and warm and cold grays is a palette in itself!

As a rule of thumb, an Autumnal palette is warm, and it’s definitely a palette that inspires us here at The Hub.

In fact, if there was ever an interior that said ‘Autumn’ it would be Slatpanel in Natural Walnut! This wall paneling, in a deep and alluring wooden finish, is the perfect partner with soft furnishings in shades such as burnt orange and taupe.

The wall paneling itself has been used on a section of wall, rather than across the surface, resulting in a dramatic mix of textures.

But if you’d prefer your color to be on the walls rather than on your upholstery, Muratto® is one of our latest ranges in a colorful selection of finishes including eye-catching Copper.

Another equally stunning color combination is the mix of ocher with Smoked Oak Slatpanel wooden wall paneling. The rich intensity and allure of this finish means that it can be used with both bold and pared back colors.

Alternatively, a softer, more buttery shade of yellow is also a fabulous and complementary shade to deepest brown.

Chock in Black is just one of our many stylish cork wall paneling designs, made by leading manufacturer Muratto®, and the perfect partner to buttermilk.

Unlike Chock, Primecork is available in an overside tile format, offered in a range of more pared back options including sumptuous leather effect. This rich finish will give your interior a feeling of all year round warmth, totally inspired by an Autumnal palette.

On a similar tone, but from our Reclaimed range is Smokey Quartz. This wooden wall paneling features a slightly distressed, almost vintage appearance to offer a wallcovering with tactile appeal.

The further into Autumn we go, the less diversity of color there is. That’s not to say that a pared back interior can’t look fabulous too! In fact, an interior which mixes neutrals, browns and taupe shades can look very chic indeed! So, if you’re after an interior that oozes class, consider Slatpanel in Natural Gray Oak?

At The Wood Veneer Hub we have wallcoverings inspired by all the seasons...

So, whether you’re after a light or white-washed finish, or wooden wall paneling in the deepest shades of brown and even black, we’re sure to have a product you’ll love!

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