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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
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Slatted Colored Wall Paneling

SlatpanelĀ® colored wall paneling is the perfect solution for homeowners, designers, and hobbyists looking to renovate interior spaces. Our range includes black, midnight blue, snow white, and dusty grey, all hand-selected for their timeless beauty and versatility.

Each panel is produced in Denmark to ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With shipping available from both our east and west coast locations in the USA, SlatpanelĀ® makes it easy to transform any room in your home. Upgrade your interior design with SlatpanelĀ® colored wood wall panels today and experience the elegance and simplicity of our bespoke range.

As a leader in crafting quality wood veneers, we've crafted our colored slat wood wall panels from a luxurious, matte laminate and eco-friendly, sound-absorbing felt backing. Plus, our products are Forest Stewardship Council Certified, meaning we receive our wood and other eco-friendly product materials from responsible sources. We're proud to bring you the finest sustainably sourced colored acoustic panels for the best prices at The Wood Veneer Hub.

Reinvent characterless interior spaces into elegant settings with our colored wood slat wall paneling range. Whether you'd like to design a texture-rich accent wall, open up a space, or dampen sounds, our range of slatted color wall panels help you effortlessly achieve your design goals for your interior spaces.

A clean, modern and elegant design.

Quickly create quiet, beautiful, contemporary environments with our luxurious, authentic wood panels. We've intentionally designed our slat-colored wall paneling to transform any space acoustically and aesthetically.

Environmentally sustainable materials.

Our colored wall paneling refines spaces visually and dampens noises to create modern, relaxing spaces. Best of all, we produce them with eco-friendly materials sourced from certified suppliers.

Designed for quick and simple installation.

Installation of our slatted color wall panels is quick and simple. Just screw them into the wall by drilling through their felt backing. You can also screw them into batons to enhance their sound absorption properties and create quiet, soothing spaces. If installed on ceilings, you can screw the panels straight into ceiling joists.


How to install and maintain colored wood slat wall paneling.

At the Wood Veneer Hub, we strive to make transforming your space effortless. We've designed our colored acoustic wall panels so that installation is a breeze — drill them into the wall directly through their felt backing or use construction glue or grab adhesive. Install these panels on any wall, including brick, concrete, and drywall.

These panels are also easy to clean and maintain. Simply run a duster or washcloth over them periodically to remove dust and debris, and wash the surface with a pH-neutral soap to remove any stains.

How to use colored slat wood wall panels.

Our authentic wood veneer slatted wall panels are beautiful, low maintenance, and sound-buffering, so you can use them to achieve nearly countless renovation possibilities. Because these panels are also effortless to install and maintain, they're perfect for your next DIY home improvement project. Use your wall panels to:

  • Create accent walls: Create eye-catching accent walls in large rooms or highlight a room's focal points like TVs, bed frames, and bathroom vanities.
  • Lighten up dark spaces: Add light-colored wall panels to open up small or cramped spaces, including mud rooms, sunrooms, powder rooms, and tight hallways.
  • Color block: Use slatted color wall panels as backsplashes, borders, and floor-to-ceiling wall features to add color, texture, and dimension to any interior space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the panels arrive?

Each box contains two panels measuring 94.49" x 12.60".

Do the panels come in larger sizes?

The panels only come in one size but they can be joined horizontally and also vertically to achieve any size you require. When installing horizontally the join will be seamless. If installing vertically there will be a small join line showing. Please feel free to contact us if you would like pictures of examples of this.

How do I install the panels?

There are 3 different options for installing our panels.


  1. Gluing straight onto the wall.

    A construction glue or grab adhesive is recommended for this.

  2. Screwing directly into the wall.

    By using black screws for the black backing option or silver or grey screws for the grey-backed option the panels can be screwed directly into the wall through the acoustic felt.

    We recommend a minimum of 9 screws per panel at regular intervals across the width and 800mm down the length of the panel.

    If installing into ceilings then make sure they are screwed into ceiling joists.

    Please make sure the correct fixings are used if going into plasterboard for example.

  3. Screwing the panels into 45mm timber batons.

    To achieve optimum sound absorption we recommend screwing 45mm timber batons to the wall and then screwing the panels directly into the batons through the acoustic felt.

    If something like Rockwool is applied behind the panels and in between the batons, this will achieve Class A sound absorption.

What is the lead time?

The panels are all in stock, so delivery takes 5-10 days. If we do have to wait for a new production run then it can be 2-3 weeks but please get in contact at the point of order, and we can confirm this right away.

Do you produce custom panel sizes?

We do not currently offer the panels in custom sizes; however, we have designed them to be easily cut if you need smaller or joined if you need to cover larger areas.

Can the panels be used in a bathroom or kitchen?

The panels will be absolutely fine in these areas as long as they are not in direct contact of water although we do recommend applying a water resistant finish to the front of the slats to protect them against any moisture or humidity.

Can the acoustical panels be used outside?

The acoustic slat wood wall panel range is designed for indoor use only.

What do I do if I have plug sockets, windows or other items to install around?

It is straightforward to adjust the panels to fit around any object. You can cut the slats widthways with a saw, and you can cut the felt lengthways with a sharp blade to then apply around any item you may have on your surface.

On which surfaces can I install the panels?

You can mount the panels on all surfaces including brick, concrete and plasterboard.

Do the colours of the pictures look like the panels in real life?

The wood used is always from the same source so they will always look more or less the same. It is natural wood, however, so knots, slight cracks and color variations can occur.

How can I hide the edges of the panel?

Please note that our melamine panels are not colored or black beneath their surface layer. Therefore, when these panels are cut, their edges should be finished with a coat of paint or some other type of edging to enhance their appearance.

Can I hide wires behind the panels?

You certainly can.

Are the panels fire-rated?

The panels are available with a fire-rated felt backing on request. However, the face materials are not. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Can I apply anything behind the panels to increase sound insulation?

If installing with batons, then you can use mineral wool or other sound insulation material in-between the gaps which will increase the sound absorption properties even more.

What is your return policy?

You can return unused acoustic slat wood wall panels within 30 days after delivery.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm EST to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Order A Sample Box

Our sample service is the perfect way to make sure you choose the right color for your project.

We offer a full sample pack refund upon your wood wall panel purchase.

The perfect decorative panel for all interior environments.

The acoustic color wall panels are ideal for all interior applications. Offering an eye-catching, easy to install, all in one panel solution.

Contemporary clean, modern and elegant design.

The luxury color wall panels have been carefully designed to effortlessly transform any space, enhancing the surroundings both visually and acoustically.

Backing felt produced from recycled material.

Our wood is sourced and produced from certified sustainable sources, while our backing felt is made from recycled materials. A complete environmentally friendly product.

Outstanding acoustic reducing properties.

The perfect solution for efficient sound absorption, as well as lowering the reverberation time of noise in your space. If installed with batons, class-A sound absorption can be achieved.

A handcrafted, thoughtfully designed panelling solution.

The acoustic wood slat wall and ceiling panels have been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly transform any space, enhancing the surroundings both visually and acoustically.

Designed for a fast and simple installation process.

Simply screw the panels directly into the wall through the felt acoustic backing, or if you are looking to obtain a class A sound absorption, then you can install the panels with batons.