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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
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Flutto™ Walnut Ridge Flexible Tambour Wood Panels

Original price $139.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$139.99 - $299.99
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Select Size: Half Height (H 47.24" x W 23.62")

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Key Points

  • Flutto™ uses the highest quality real wood veneer with an MDF substrate to give a lighter, more stable and cost effective solution to solid wood.
  • Inspired by classic design with a natural feel, crafted to perfection creating timeless aesthetics for your interiors.
  • Easy to install, and cut to size for your unique spaces.
  • Redefine the features of your space, with flexible panels creating and enhancing curves, providing elegance in simplicity.
  • Elevating your interiors with timeless style.
  • Multi-functional and enduring, allowing versatility in any space, from classic wall paneling to enhancing furniture.


A truly timeless pattern, Flutto™ Ridge has a hill-like repeated arch pattern. It is a sophisticated and robust solution to interior paneling, available in both a beautiful oak finish and a deep walnut.

Suitable for any renovation project, the panels flexibility makes it ideal for a huge range of projects, while also being easy to install, ensuring fitting into your unique space is hassle-free. The Flutto™ range draws from classic inspiration, providing a way to elevate your interiors with on-trend looks and an enduring design.

The Flutto™ Ridge pattern is perfect for interior paneling. The tambour wood style and gentle ridge effect is especially charming areas with curves such as bars and arched entrances. The flexible nature of this product lends itself to ambitious projects, filling non-traditional spaces with warmth, emulating the comforting shapes in the smooth curves on the individual panels. Whether you're fitting Flutto™ Ridge to an arched wall or utilizing its versatility as an elegent furnishing feature, these real wood veneer panels are perfect for your project.

Flutto™ purposely uses real natural wood, so please be aware there may be color and grain variations, which only enhance the beauty of the panel.


Each box contains two panels. These panels will join next to each other seamlessly to cover the dimensions listed below.

Full Height

  • 94.49" / 2400mm (H)
  • 23.62" / 600mm (W)
  • 0.51" / 13mm (D)
  • 15.50 sq. ft. per box.

Half Height

  • 47.24" / 1200mm (H)
  • 23.62" / 600mm (W)
  • 0.51" / 13mm (D)
  • 7.75 sq. ft per box.

Installation & Downloads

The Flutto™ range has been designed to be installed with ease. Follow these quick and easy steps to fit your new panels, and redefine your space:

  1. Ensure your surface is smooth, clean and dust-free before installing for the best adhesion.
  2. Measure your space, and cut the panels as required - we recommend using a sharp, fine-tooth saw for a clean cut, and sanding off the excess.
  3. Use a grab adhesive on the back of the panel, and press the panel to the surface.

Download our technical sheet here.


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About Our Wood

A long-established wood veneer manufacturer and distributor, for over 40 years, we have provided beautiful timber products to some of the world's most prestigious and iconic brands. Our mission has always been to source the world's finest quality wood from sustainable sources and then maintain the continuity of supply.

A family business with a prestigious reputation of serving clients with exact needs, working from a very early conception of colors, grain and figures. Grading the vast array of different wood types to achieve consistency for our customers has and will always be the pinnacle of our daily activities.

Timeless aesthetics for your home.

Our Flutto™ panels have been carefully designed to effortlessly transform any space. Infusing classic and modern design, the range adds a natural, yet timeless aesthetic to your space. Whether you're enhancing your wainscoting, or restoring an old cupboard, the Flutto™ flexible panels are the perfect addition to your space.

Enhance the curves in your space.

The panels not only offer aesthetic refinement, they are a cost-effective solution, for elevating your space. The high-end real wood finish is affordable luxury, with a subtle sheen that highlights the beauty of the wood grain. Available in classic oak, and a warming walnut, there is a finish to suit all colour schemes.

Spark your creativity with Flutto.

We believe it should be simple to revitalise your space. Designed for easy installation, our Flutto panels feature a reinforced paper and mesh backing, with flush edges to seamlessly fit multiple panels together. Quick to cut down with a sharp saw, the panels are completely customizable to your design needs.

Flutto™ FAQ

How do the panels arrive?

The Flutto™ panels are shipped in boxes, with two panels per box.

Do the panels come in larger sizes?

The Flutto™ range is available in 47.24" and 94.49" lengths at this time, and can be seamlessly joined to cover a larger area, or cut down to finish off a small corner.

How do I install the panels?

The Flutto™ range has been designed to be installed with ease. We recommend gluing the panels directly to the surface you're planning to install on. Ensure the surface is smooth, clean and dust-free, to allow for the best adhesion possible.

Do you produce custom panel sizes?

We do not currently offer the panels in custom sizes; however, we have designed them to be easily cut if you need smaller or they can be joined if you need to cover larger areas.

Can the panels be used in a bathroom or kitchen?

The panels will be absolutely fine in these areas if a water resistant finish is added and they are not in direct contact with water.

Can the Flutto™ panels be used outside?

The Flutto™ range is designed for interior use only.

What do I do if I have plug sockets, windows or other items to install around?

It is straightforward to install the panels to fit around any object! Simply use a sharp, fine-tooth saw to cut through the panels and slats. If you are only cutting through the backing, scoring the mesh with a utility knife will quickly cut down the panels.

On which surfaces can I install the panels?

You can mount the panels on any flush serface. Ensure the surface is smooth, clean and dust-free for the best adhesion.

How do I hide the edges of the panel?

The panels have been designed to have the edge exposed, with the wood finish visible on all sides of the slat.

Can I hide wires behind the panels?

If you want to hide wires behind the panels, we recommend installing them on a timber frame. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Do you deliver the panels?

We do, and we offer free delivery to the USA for the Flutto™ range!

What is your return policy?

You can return unused Flutto™ panels within 30 days after delivery.

Are samples available?

Yes, you can purchase a sample box by clicking here.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm EST to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Order a Flutto™ sample

Our sample service is the perfect way to make sure you choose the right color for your project. We offer a full sample pack refund upon your wood wall panel purchase.

WVH™ Trade Program

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We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for all our customers, including professionals in the trade industry. We offer various services tailored specifically for trade professionals to accommodate these requirements.