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Free shipping on all products to continental USA!
Slatpanel - now available in six colorful finishes too!

Slatpanel - now available in six colorful finishes too!

Best known for its fabulous selection of real timber veneer finishes, ever popular Slatpanel is now also available in six color finishes too!

Slatpanel has always been a fashionable choice for the discerning homeowner, and many interior designers and architects as well.

Acupanel Contemporary Walnut Wall Panels - Living Room

The ‘Contemporary’ range, with its smooth surface grain, is sure to transform any space into a modern interior, and with a choice of four wooden finishes plus ‘Concrete Grey’, there’s sure to be a colorway to suit your style and taste.

Equally as attractive, our ‘Rustic’ Slatpanel range is an ideal choice for those customers who love reclaimed, vintage or industrial style, or who are simply looking for a wallcovering that adds a tactile element to the walls!

Also available in four woodgrains, at The Wood Veneer Hub we are always exploring the boundaries of design and have recently added the eye-catching ‘Chevron’ to our ever-expanding portfolio of wall paneling solutions.

Acupanel Chevron Wood Wall Panel

However, not all customers want a wooden finish on their walls! It’s just one of the reasons why paint is the go-to wallcovering choice for the majority of people. So, at The Wood Veneer Hub we decided to expand the Slatpanel range and introduced the ‘Color’ range!

Acupanel Colour Black Acoustic Wall Panels - Living Room

Naturally ‘Black’ and ‘Slate Grey’ were the first colors to be introduced. These were the obvious choices to meet with the popular trends of monochrome and greige, a style where greys and neutrals come together.

Acupanel Blue Acoustic Wood Wall Panels - Living Room

These were quickly added to with ‘Midnight Blue’ and ‘Dusty Grey’, to offer both a mid-toned and paler shade of grey into the mix!

Acupanel Grey Acoustic Wood Wall Panels - Apartment

Likewise, ‘Midnight Blue’ is a classic take on a mixture of navy and Hague blue, for a refined interior space, oozing with style.

After receiving numerous requests to expand the ‘Color’ range, the latest colors to be added to the Slatpanel range are ‘Scarlet Red’ and ‘Juniper Green’.

Acupanel Colour Scarlet Red Acoustic Wall Panels

‘Scarlet Red’ a sophisticated shade of red with definite claret undertones, whilst ‘Juniper Green’ is sure to evoke memories of woodland walks with its understated classic color.

So, whether you’re looking for a striking wall in ‘Scarlet Red’ or ‘Rustic Walnut’, ‘Contemporary Oak’ or ‘Midnight Blue’ at The Wood Veneer Hub there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and style!

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