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Is wood wall paneling suitable for a commercial interior space?

Is wood wall paneling suitable for a commercial interior space?

In the world of interior design, a product that’s suitable for your home may not always work out in an office space.

Whilst wooden wall paneling is a very versatile product and is suitable for use in every room in your home, is it suitable for a commercial installation as well?

The simple answer is yes!

Unlike so many products on the market, The Wood Veneer Hub wall paneling is ideally suited for use in a commercial space... In fact, a well known 'flat pack' store which serves Swedish meatballs recently installed it in an in-store display!

For the 'beady eyed', Slatpanel® was even recently used on a ITV soap, to grace the walls of the transplant ward - a far cry from the cobbled streets and Rovers Return!

Architecturally interesting materials have been used for centuries in the creation of installations, furnishings and art.

The textural properties that wood, or wood based wall paneling offers ensure that a walls’ surface is visually appealing with variations of color, making it the perfect choice to add warmth and character into any commercial interior.

Not only will it provide an instant focal point or feature, but also provides texture for your walls that will be sure not go unnoticed!

The hardwearing surface of the wooden wall paneling makes it perfect for areas with heavy traffic flow.

In a bar, restaurant, café or bistro, the footfall of customers walking through your door is a good sign, but the interior decoration can be prone to damage when footfall is busy or continuous. Minor scuffs or knocks in paintwork can make an establishment look tired and unkempt, and damages to the face of wallpaper patterns will quickly give a worn-out appearance!

In complete contrast, wooden wall paneling is very forgiving, ensuring that any knocks and scratches to the surface are virtually undetectable, and actually become part of the charm and character of the overall surface.

One of the other properties of wooden wall paneling is that it’s a great way to reduce noise pollution from room-to-room, and whilst most ranges offer some sound and thermal insulation, Slatpanel® with its acoustic properties has a unique backing that’s designed to reduce sound traveling, and therefore an obvious wallcovering choice for a high-end audio shop!

Made from recycled plastic, this backing is sustainable too, so as well as looking good, it’s helping to save the worlds’ oceans from unwanted debris.

Acoustic Slatpanel®, like all our ranges, can be used on ceiling too, but the obvious benefits of this collection include the sound insulation, as it will act as an effective sound barrier. This is perfect for commercial premises that have tenants renting above them, especially if the tenants err on the cautious side regarding the business usage below them.

Much like the noise insulating properties, the same rules apply from a thermal perspective. Wooden wall paneling will help to maintain heat retention in colder months, whilst repelling the outside air temperatures in warmer months.

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