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Can wood wall panels be used in bathrooms or kitchens?

Wooden wall panels have become the discerning wallcovering choice in many homes, having seen a huge surge in popularity a few years ago. Their appeal to homeowners remains as popular as ever, with their tactile, textural surface.

Wood wall panels bring walls alive, offering so much more than simply their stylish looks. Due to the nature of wood, they also offer insulative benefits, with ranges such as Slatpanel® offering acoustic properties as well! It’s these properties that make them an ideal wallcovering for so many rooms in the home, including lounges, dining rooms, studies and bedrooms…

Frequently referred to as the heart of the home, wooden wall panels might be considered unsuitable for use in a kitchen, due to the potential contact with water.

But, as long as the kitchen is well ventilated and adequately fitted with an extraction fan to keep moisture to a minimum, then wooden wall panels are a fabulous choice for a kitchens’ walls.

In fact, if your kitchen is open plan, Slatpanel® is sure to help the acoustics in the open spaces, due to their soundproofing qualities!

The same applies in a bathroom!

As long as the wood wall panels are fitted away from any direct water contact, such as in a shower enclosure, then they can be a great addition in any bathroom or ensuite.

Plus, if someone frequently has an early start and showers before the rest of the family have woken, then the acoustic properties of products such as Slatpanel® should actually help to reduce the noise traveling between adjacent walls!

Striking in appearance, the wood paneling ranges offered by The Wood Veneer Hub can be fitted both horizontally and vertically to suit your room shape and preference, and as well as being the perfect choice for a feature wall, the likes of Slatpanel® is often used to clad the underside of breakfast bars and the backs of central island units too!

Like most of our ranges, Slatpanel® is a product that you’re sure to fall in love with, and maybe even become addicted to! Having already fitted it in one room, some homeowners look to feature it in other rooms in their homes as well, to add continuity throughout their properties, in much the same way as a single color fitted carpet does.

Update all the rooms in your house and give your home the makeover it really deserves using wood wall paneling!

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